Thoughts on getting to the end of things educational

This blog is going to serve as a place where Deaf people, trying to figure out how to survive to get the educational edge they need to live a good life can do so. I plan to introduce some of my experiences working through the process of getting a terminal degree in education that I hope readers will find useful for their own purposes.

There may be many deaf people out there, or just a few who have terminal degrees. No one knows for sure and it would be a good thing to slowly figure out who, where, and what we are doing because we could form a terrific collective group.  Finding each other would mean we can generate the potential to do a lot of good for the rest of the deaf community.  But, to do so we will need to we get ourselves organized in ways that creates opportunities to make a difference.

I have been working within the Northeastern University program and will talk about that experience.  As a part of the process is meant to be helpful there will be shared information on grant possibilities, tips, and just general thoughts about the concept of working towards acquiring a terminal degree.  This will be accomplished in conjunction with support from others I work with at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY.  Working within the Deaf Professional Group and other interested participants we hope to build a useful resource within this blog that will support the various needs of Deaf doctoral candidates.

As the blog progresses and grows there will be other directions developed based on the comments, feedback of readers and other supporters of this effort to support the growth of Deaf professionals throughout the world.  I hope you will comment and help me make this process a useful journey, not just for myself, but for everyone of you who has, will, or is thinking of making a similar journey.

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